ORIAS crafts sustainable fashion pieces energized by the distinct Filipino character. With high regard for Filipino design aesthetic, ORIAS embraces a progressive and slow-fashion ethos, treating clothing and accessories as artforms, pamanas, and investments, rather than mere disposable items.

Going against the grain, ORIAS promotes clean and classic styles that seamlessly blend homegrown intelligence with international influences. ORIAS offers timeless creations that exhibit refinement and promote circularity---a proposition appealing to any fashion forward and conscious individual.


We have created a unique tailoring process, a streamlined and humidity-friendly approach to making a suit – the “Filipino Bespoke Tailoring” way.


We believe in elevating your everyday. Our products are designed to bring a touch of quiet luxury to your daily life, ensuring that even the most ordinary days are infused with a sense of sophistication and style.

Our Story

ORIAS collaborates with local artisans to advance Filipino culture and craftsmanship. The brand has strong ties with Solihiya weavers of Pangasinan, Modern Inabel weavers of Isabela, and Piña Textile weavers of Aklan. ORIAS also produces unique objects with the genius of Master Bag Makers of Marikina, pinpoint embroiderers of Taal, Batangas, and Master Tailors of Manila and Quezon City.

The goal is to showcase Filipino artistry to the world and through ORIAS be a benchmark when it comes to luxury goods from the Philippines.

Our Values


Creative Collaboration and Ethical Production




Societal Profit

Vin Orias

The Visionary Behind ORIAS Studios

Vin Orias, a visionary designer at the helm of ORIAS Studios, merges the artful craftsmanship of the Philippines with a global perspective. His diverse education, which spans Industrial Engineering to Fashion Design and Brand Identity at FIT New York, underpins the brand’s ethos of quiet luxury and sustainable innovation. Vin’s talent is nationally recognized, with accolades including a finalist spot on Project Runway Philippines and awards from the US Embassy & Go Negosyo, as well as PLDT-Smart SME Nation.

ORIAS Studios is Vin’s platform for championing slow fashion and the artistry of the Philippines. Each design from the studio is an ode to functionality, style, and cultural heritage, reflecting Vin’s advocacy for sustainable practices and community engagement in fashion. His leadership in fashion coalitions extends his influence beyond ORIAS Studio, promoting Filipino design excellence on a global scale.

Embrace quiet luxury. Celebrate creativity. Be part of a sustainable future. With ORIAS, experience a world where fashion is more than just clothing—it's a way of life.